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"Brennan Wedding Planning genuinely cares about every piece and part that goes into making a wedding day one to remember forever. My husband and I got married back in September and were impressed with the ease of selecting our venue, vendors, and all the way down to our color scheme for our reception. Our wedding planning process felt smooth, easy to understand, and enjoyable. Thank you Brennan Wedding Planning for all that you did to make our wedding day super special!"



"My fiance and I were so excited to get married we chose a rather aggressive timeline! Dom was a master at walking us through the steps and prioritizing what to do first in the planning process so that we would meet the deadlines. She took so much interest in our wedding theme and directed us towards vendors that could cater to our fantasy wedding! Without Dom we would have been lost and had to cut corners. She made an otherwise stressful scenario easier than ever and we are forever thankful!"



"Dominique has been a dream to work with as a makeup artist. She is well organized, pays attention to details and most importantly makes sure her clients are getting what they asked for. She also makes me feel treated with the utmost respect from her as well as her clients. Weddings can be chaotic and she has the right skills and mindset to make everything happen on time and how you imagined it to be."

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